Monday, January 24, 2011


Welcome to my blog!
I didn't think composing my first post would be so hard. Finding the right topic to start this off was challenging. This weekend we had our son dedicated at our church. As they talked about what dedication means as our role as parents, it became clear to me what my first post should be about.

The greatest challenge was having my son. It took much dedication in terms of doctors, medications, diet changes, acceptance of needles and lack of personal privacy to get pregnant. During delivery we met a greater set of challenges that required me to dig deeper and be stronger than I ever thought possible. My son is a daily reminder of God's blessings. Not a night goes by that I don't thank Him for giving my son life, and for saving mine.

Dedication: complete and wholehearted devotion
My family, faith and friends are a huge part of my life, and is what defines me. I know that without these components in my life, this journey I am embarking on would NOT be possible. I am grateful for having you all in my life and give thanks that I have been blessed with good health making it possible to swim, bike and run each day.
Dedication is much more than just being committed to a task.

When I tell people I am training for an Ironman, the first question usually is "What's an Ironman?" (Ironman is a long-distance triathlon: consisting of a 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike and 26.2-mile run) and the second is "Are you insane?" (yes, very)
The Ironman event is one day, but my journey to get to the finish line will last a lifetime.

I hope:
- to show my son what dedication means by leading through example
- to inspire others to change their habits in ways they never considered
- to make my husband, family and friends and coach proud
- to have an amazing journey

The power of a movement lies in the fact that it can indeed change the habits of people. This change is not the result of force but of dedication, of moral persuasion.
- Stephen Biko, South African nonviolent anti-apartheid activist

Have a wonderful week!


  1. YEAH CHERYL !!!! IT will be an awesome journey!! :)

  2. Cheryl, I really liked this blog. You are crazy but you are an inspiration. I have no doubt in my mind Jack will learn many great things from you. Good Luck on your journey.


  3. Cheryl- Hi, it's Melissa, Dave's wife (from the canned yams). John posted your blog on facebook- so i am so excited to follow your journey! Amazing!

  4. You are going to have a blast!!!! Way too fun!

  5. Thanks everyone! Still learning about this blogging thing! Stay tuned for more :)